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813 VTTC Project still in progress

Here are some more updated pix of my 813 VTTC, work done as of 3/5/07.

I mounted the grid leak system, replaced some wires, tightened, polished, etc. 

video at www.hot-streamer.com/brett/misc/dan_williams/813_vttc_sparks.mov

Still only about 12" sparks.  I am thinking I need more primary taps for tuning and a bigger unshunted MOT.  Maybe a smaller toroid.

Sample Photo 2

Closeup of the mounted Grid Leak.  The resistor is 5.8K at 125 Watts, the cap is a .004 Mica at 5000 Volts.

Sample Photo 3

Allot of work done, allot more to go.  I am planning on adding 3 Nylon bolts so I can slide the feedback coil up and down the secondary without using chunks of foam.  Want to try a larger MOT with the shunts knocked out.  Need to make a permanent set of wires for the grid system instead of using test leads.

Sample Photo 4

Cant wait till it's done so I can start the next  one!

Sample Photo 5

Nice crispy sparks in the dark.

Sample Photo 6

Closeup of the business side.  Soon there will be a lexan cover with a heater switch, a plate voltage meter, and maybe an input amp meter.  And Oh yea, a Danger High Voltage sticker.


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