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The Dreaded Disclaimer

Although tesla coiling is a very "cool" activity, it involves potentially FATAL voltages!!!


Before attempting your own coil PLEASE do some research on High Voltage Safety and contact an experienced coiler for guidance.  I suggest www.hot-streamer.com (If you are an experienced coiler feel freeto skip onto the good stuff)


If you do decide to ignore my advice and end up frying your liver or worse, don't come crying to me - I warned you.   NUFF SAID

My latest Coil

My latest project is a VTTC using an 813 Tube.

The base is built from plastic and lexan liberated from a local dumpster.  The secondary is wound around a piece of PVC that was once part of a clown's balloon inflator, also liberated from the trash of a party store gone out of business!  (My 4.5" Disruptive coil is wound on a piece of the same inflator, God I love "Good Junk"!)  Most of the rest of this coil is salvaged microwave parts and military surplus.  I am what I call a "Technoscavenger" (my own word) / scrounger.  I love to create cool stuff from junk!  Some more pix on the next pages.


No joke - PLEASE be careful!

My 4.5" Disruptive Coil

My second coil is in the background right, it was built from allot of junk and parts traded with Brett Miller, my partner in high voltage crime - www.hot-streamer.com/brett

Allot of the various parts of this coil came from deals with Brett.

A 12/60 NST, a Commercial Cap (upgrading to a MMC soon) , The copper and PVC for the gap.

The coil is currently striking a grounded object up to 36".


Other plans brewing

I am planning on re-building my first coil, a 3" X 12" OBIT powered wonder of junk.  I am ashamed to admit I bought the secondary on ebay (the shame, the horror) but have learned my lesson as it died an untimely death and has been resurrected by hand.  I now wind all my coils by hand myself. 8)

I also plan on building a several stage Marx so stay tuned for that.

Mostly I plan on improving this WEAK excuse for a webpage!

I LOVE to trade, if you are in the TN/GA/AL area and need parts/tubes/etc.  drop me an email!