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Here are some more photos of stuff in my shop

One of the Pulse caps I use on my coils

My first spark gap.  Works OK as long as I keep a fan on it, otherwise the epoxy melts and makes a mess.

Sample Photo 2

More parts waiting to be coil parts

Sample Photo 3

The Infamous, highly prized and valuable, much coveted square secondary!  Once produced 12" sparks!  One of those spur of the moment cant sleep so do something stupid and interesting projects.

Sample Photo 4

No, your not stoned, it's the secondary that's smoking.

Sample Photo 5

I see a mini coil in my not too distant future

Sample Photo 6

3" OBIT coil guts.  Note the off axis inductor once used to tune the makeshift primary with no taps, no longer needed since I rewound the secondary. Note the fan liberated from an unfortunate microwave that crossed my path, I've killed many a microwave for my hobby.


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