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Photo Gallery

Here are a few recent photos to show what I have been up to.

Fire in the Hole!

Fire in the Hole!!!  Click on the photo for a larger version.  You can see the 12" sparks coming from the coil, and the nifty smoke coming from the secondary!  I thought my coil was a goner, then I realized it was wood smoke, the secondary is mounted with 2 metal screws (OOPS, forgot to remove them) into a wood block.  Makes for a nice crispy picture but I intend to fix this lil problem post haste!  This was taken without doing much tuning!  Not bad so far!

The "Shop"

Here you see a view of all 3 of my current coils,  Also working on cleaning up the garage to make more room for new projects!

The 4.5" Disruptive

Nice closeup of my 4.5" Disruptive, I have gotten a max of 36" so far.  Planning on upgrading to an MMC and larger top load soon, will keep you posted.

The Lil Guy

This is an OBIT powered 3" coil, a resserection of my very first coil that self destructed.  I rewound the secondary after it died of high voltage measles.

Sample Photo 5

Here you see the highly abused 12/60 NST gotten in a trade from Brett Miller. The gap has replaced my first home brew attempt which can be seen in the pic of my 3" coil.  It runs MUCH cooler and more efficiently.

Sample Photo 6

Parts is Parts!  You can see my Square Secondary in the background, a 3000/60, a 15/30, some liberated MOT's and Caps (this collection grew today, went to the flea market!).


Feel free to download and use images.